Tomàs Cusiné Group

Castell del Remei, Cérvoles, Tomás Cusiné and Cara Nord

Tomàs Cusiné,
the value of diversity

Mahala Wine Grupo Tomàs Cusiné

The Tomás Cusiné Group is made up of four wineries, three located in the Costers del Segre appellation (Castell del Remei, Cérvoles and Tomàs Cusiné) and one in the Conca del Barberà appellation (Cara Nord), all run by someone considered by many to be Spain's best winemaker, Tomás Cusiné.

Since we started working with this client in 2016, we've focused on the values of each of the wineries, creating a communication and public relations strategy at MAHALA Wine&.

Mahala Wine Grupo Tomàs Cusiné